Finn Grey
...going to adopt me and sivilize me, and I can't stand it. I been there before.
Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts
Ghosts are there; try to kill me.
To live in peace and danger
And broken winds blow for life
But holly weather calls me for love
I can’t. They take my soul somewhere…
Somewhere nobody finds me.
I want love but my flesh lays on the ground
And you’re not here and nothing can be returned.

“No one loves you, except me” - it’s only what you said.
You try to find me just because you believe that I’m not dead
And try to despise me again and again,
You can’t just because you love me as nobody can.

“I’m sorry” - I just try to say.
I’m crying these tears of goodbye,
But you’ll never come
So, it’s very late.
My hometown calls me to go
And don’t care about my requests, my fears…
Then there is a silence
And it’s high time to live… to love
And nothing to add.
It’s my pray for forgiveness
In the room of angel
Which is the darkness the whole day…

@музыка: Hilary Duff - Come Clean

@настроение: Fuck...