Finn Grey
...going to adopt me and sivilize me, and I can't stand it. I been there before.
God, You made me wrong
My own world had been like a grave,
Then You came to me.
You sang the beautiful sacred song,
You stayed with me so long.
I believed in You and do it now;
You're a King in my soul's world.
I love and hate You - this is strong...
God, You made me wrong.
Love and hate... how it's beautiful,
But You've never understand.
I've just asked You to let me go out.
You can cut my vanes and I'll never fly, but now
I want to leave. It's one thing which is necessary.
I need to feel, to love somebody, who isn't You.
It's my pay for your kindness' song.
God, You made me all wrong.

@музыка: Animals - House of the Rising Sun

@настроение: Go away